When your wine sister visits Sydney – here’s what you do

Sydney city skyline

When my wine sister Bel came to visit me in Sydney last month, she dropped the mic by saying she hasn’t been to Sydney in 10 years. Wharrrrtt?

We all know I take it very seriously when interstate friends come to visit, planning ambitious weekend itineraries that show off Sydney like it’s a 2 million dollar engagement ring (ahem, Paris Hilton). (Evidence of my OTT tour guideness can be found here and here). But, with Bel breaking a decade-long drought, I knew I needed to pull out the good china for this one.

(You might remember Bel as being one part of the ‘ugly face’ trio. Or from that time we decided to model clothes from the Salvos pile, only to be busted by the police. Or from when I went on a mission to find the best new bars in Adelaide, among other adventures).

Anyway… Our Sydney weekend looked a little like this:

Bel and her espresso martini, Ms Gs, Potts Point, Sydney

Such a wine traitor, Bel


Drinks at Hacienda

Hello Sydney! What better way to start a girls’ weekend in the harbour city than a toast to some of the best views of Sydney. Especially when that’s Veuve in your champagne glass.

Hacienda Bar, Sydney

Image credit: Hacienda

Hacienda | 61 Macquarie Street, Sydney, New South Wales

Dinner at Ms. Gs

Some glass chinks, LOLs and Harbour Bridge snaps, and we’re off on foot to Potts Point – my favourite Sydney suburb for wining and dining.

Potts Point is a two-kilometre walk from Circular Quay, and while you might be thinking ‘hell no’, it’s such a beautiful, interesting walk – though Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and Woolloomooloo – that you’re at your destination before you can say ‘cheese’. Wait. Where’s the cheese?

I’m quite besotted with the Asian fusion restaurant Ms. Gs, so was particularly excited to introduce Bel to this funhouse. She approved, and who wouldn’t when you have the ‘strange flavour-style’ burrata, the delicious ‘Chianh Mai’ gyoza’ and, of course, the cheeseburger spring rolls laid out in front of you?

Champagne, Ms Gs, Potts Point, Sydney

Ms. G’s | 155 Victoria Street, Potts Point, New South Wales

Drinks at Dear Sainte Eloise

So excited to have Bel in town, moving onto another venue for drinks post-dinner seemed like a good idea. And where better to take my wine sister than Potts Point wine bar Dear Sainte Eloise, where the wine options stretch to 300-strong? I’ll drink to that!

Dear Sainte Eloise | 5/29 Orwell Street, Potts Point, New South Wales

Wine, Dear Sainte Eloise, Potts Point, Sydney


Catch the ferry to Manly

I’m not going to lie. When I woke up Saturday morning, my head was spinning and I felt like I’d drunk all 300 wines. But, I had to pull my big girl socks up, because we had another big day planned and it didn’t involve sleeping on the couch.

Of course, it was an ultra choppy day on the harbour, so catching the Manly Ferry was fun. As fun as a punch in the face. With my face lurching towards the ocean every 10 seconds, I had to think maybe Mum wasn’t half wrong in comparing the Manly Ferry to taking a dingy through the Drake Passage.

No, no, no. I was just being a sorry-for-myself wuss. The Manly Ferry is (usually) lovely. Promise.

Spit Bridge to Manly Walking Trail, Sydney

Walk around North Head

Once in Manly, the plan was to walk the North Head Circuit Track, which is quite special. But, hungover as all hell, I cocked up the navigation and we found ourselves instead doing a nice walk through the streets of Manly, before giving up on the idea of exercise and retiring for lunch.

North Head, Manly, Sydney, New South Wales

Lunch at Manly Wine

Rocking up in our exercise gear at this all-white, beach shack-of-a-wine bar, we were WAY underdressed. But, after relaxing into a bar stool and ordering a selection of seafood to share (plus fries for Hungover Harry) we stopped caring.

Although, looking around Manly Wine, we did have to wonder whether we’d missed the ‘no men allowed’ sign on the front door. There was not a male specimen in sight.

While there might have been no men, there was lobster roll! Not the best LR I’ve had in my life, but any place that has wine in its name deserves forgiveness.

Lobster roll, Manly Wine, Manly

Manly Wine | 8–13 South Steyne, Manly, New South Wales


Walk the Bronte to Coogee coastal walk

On Sunday, I showed Bel how we do a coastal walk in Sydney. The Bronte to Coogee walking track takes in ocean pools, a historic cemetery, water the colour of emeralds, surfers fighting over the beach breaks below, secret coves, picnic grounds and stunning views both of the Pacific Ocean and the million-dollar housing stock. Phew! Can anymore good stuff fit into one sentence?

Champagne, Ms Gs, Potts Point, Sydney

Gordons Bay

Too bad I never did get my sunscreen license. Sorry Bel!

Bad sunscreen effort, Sydney

Lunch and Sunday drinks at Coogee Pavilion

Then to wrap-up, I showed Bel how we Sunday sesh in Sydney. And where better to day drink than the beach palace that takes people watching to nose-bleed heights: Coogee Pavilion.

Weekend. Out.

Coogee Pavilion | 169 Dolphin Street, Coogee, New South Wales