A girls’ weekend in Sydney: here’s what to do

girls' weekend in Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Sydney

We all know I’m exceptionally serious about my itinerary planning. If you don’t believe me, there’s evidence here and here. It also probably won’t surprise you that Jude and I are going on a month-long jaunt to Cuba and the US next year, and I’ve already started creating the itinerary. It’s currently an unfinished nine pages and we’re not getting on a plane for another six months!


My OCDness truly comes to the fore when I have interstate guests visiting, planning epic AF weekends that leave you tired for a week (again you can find evidence of this here, here and here).

Most recently, I had my friend Charlotte visiting us from Adelaide. I first met Charlotte back in 2006, when we were fresh-faced uni students wearing belts that performed no function, way too much eyeliner and lots of Roxy.

girls’ weekend in Sydney, Kim Lamb, Sydney lifestyle blogger, Mrs Sippy, Double Bay

Sarah (the joker on the right) rounds out the uni gang

Charlotte now has two beautiful boys. So, when she came to visit Sarah and I in Sydney, the pressure was on to plan a fun, kid-free weekend. Here’s what we did (feel free to copy):


Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge

There’s something special about climbing the Argyle Stairs, Bridge Stairs and then setting foot on Sydney Harbour Bridge. It pulls at the heart strings – of both tourists and locals. You get to feel your legs turn to red jelly, you get to marvel at how small the boats look below and you get to catch yourself turning around trying to spot the beautiful bridge – you’re on it fool. Yep, this weekend just got off to a high start – pun fully intended.

girls' weekend in sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Shopping in the Sydney CBD

We all know I think shopping in Sydney compared to Melbourne is meh. But when you can try on clothes without kids hanging from your elbows, I understand the appeal. So next, at Charlotte’s request, we found ourselves going for a shopping burn around Pitt Street Mall, QVB Building and Westfield Sydney. Three hours later we were knee-deep in bags. Yeah, I can think of worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon.

Westfield Sydney, shopping in Sydney, Pitt Street Mall

Drinks at The Butler

Quick outfit change – which naturally involved a rummage through the day’s spoils – heels on, lipstick on and we’re off to Potts Point – my favourite adult playground in Sydney. While waiting the obligatory hour for a table at Potts Point’s best restaurants, there’s only one thing to do – COCKTAILS!

Mandarin cocktail, The Butler, Potts Point Sydney 

The Butler | 123 Victoria Street, Potts Point, New South Wales
Phone: (02) 8354 0742

Dinner at Chester White Cured Diner

I’m in love!!! Chester White is my Stu Laundy. But instead of being a rich motherfucker my man serves pasta from a hollowed out wheel of truffle-laced Pecorino cheese. It’s the stuff o’ dreams, and enough to handover a red rose for life. Charlotte couldn’t come to Sydney without being introduced to the city’s cacio e pepe.

If the thought of pasta brewing in a cheese wheel makes you nauseous, here’s seven other Potts Point eatery options. 

Truffle pasta, Chester White Cured Diner, Potts Point, Sydney

Chester White Cured Diner | 3 Orwell Street, Potts Point, New South Wales
Phone: (02) 9332 3692

Drinks at Mrs Sippy

In my head, I had this sophisticated dinner planned. We’d be eating our charcuterie and drinking Chardonnay, while discussing politics and the stock market. But after dinner we somehow found ourselves catching an Uber to Double Bay, at the bar of Mrs Sippy doing Fresh Pussy shots and dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor. It was like 2006 all over again!

girls weekend, Kim Lamb, Sydney lifestyle blogger, Mrs Sippy, Double Bay 2

Mrs Sippy | 37 Bay Street, Double Bay, New South Wales
Phone: (02) 9362 3321


Road trip to Palm Beach

After a couple of greasy croissants for breakfast, we’re up, fresh-faced and piling into the convertible for a drive out to the northern Sydney suburb of Palm Beach – also known as Summer Bay.

Yet, Every. Single. Time I visit Palm Beach it looks nothing like Summer Bay. There’s rain, fog and mist, sometimes lightening, tornadoes and snow. It seems to always resemble a scene from Lord of the Rings, not Home and Away.

The Boathouse, Palm Beach, Sydney

Lunch at The Boathouse Palm Beach

We stopped for lunch at the Pier Diner (or The Boathouse Palm Beach, as it’s called in real life). Enjoying our salad and chips, while looking out onto the wharf that’s instantly recognisable as where Angel boarded her ill-fated seaplane back in 1995.

Chips and salad, The Boathouse Palm Beach, Sydney

The Boathouse Palm Beach | Barrenjoey Boathouse, Palm Beach, New South Wales
Phone: (02) 9974 5440 

Touring the set of Home and Away

Charlotte is a hard-core Home and Away fan, so taking her to Palm Beach felt like telling a four-year-old Santa had just dropped down the chimney and left hundreds of presents. She was hyperventilating at the sight of Alf’s Bait Shop, running up and down the iconic yellow sand dunes, and pretending she was a lifeguard out the front of Summer Bay Surf Club.

Luckily, we left Palm Beach without our car exploding, being caught in an earthquake, shot at or diagnosed with cancer.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk, Palm Beach, Sydney

Palm Beach. Image credit: Destination NSW


Brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria

There’s no better way to tie a bow on a girls’ weekend in Sydney than a visit to the over-photographed, over-styled The Grounds of Alexandria. It’s such an efficient use of time. Markets, brunch and a petting zoo – all in the one spot. (Saves us from making that special petting zoo visit later).

With Charlotte about to head home and be reunited with her family, we grabbed some take-away brunch and a seat in the ‘garden’ (rookie error if you line up and try and get a table), reminiscing about the weekend that was.

You can read more about what to expect at Sydney’s favourite hang spot, The Grounds of Alexandria, here.

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney

The Grounds of Alexandria | 7a/2 Huntley Street, Alexandria, New South Wales
Phone: (02) 9699 2225









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