Why I can’t break up with my Adelaide hair and beauty suppliers

Adelaide hair and beauty suppliers, Kim Lamb, Sydney lifestyle blogger

Here’s my latest post in my very serious role of guest blogger for lifestyle and inspo site Adelady...

Yes, after living in Melbourne for two years, I would rather travel the 736 kilometres back to Adelaide to get my roots done than go through that awkward trial and error phase of finding a new Melbourne hairdresser that I trust.

But it’s not just my Adelaide-based hairdresser that I’m having so much difficulty letting go of. I’m purposely scheduling visits to fit into my waxing and tanning schedules too. Needless to say my desperation is providing much comical fodder for all my friends, especially when I’m most likely to arrive at breakfast catch-ups with freshly cut, coloured and blow-dried locks.

Upon hearing the ridiculous lengths I’m going to in order to avoid a hair and beauty break-up, Adelady asked me to share my Adelaide hair and beauty lovers. While part of me wants to hide them under my bed, like a stash of Easter eggs that I don’t want to share, I will begrudgingly disclose them. So here they are, the Adelaide hair and beauty suppliers I can’t break up with:

My waxer: Ann Lipari Wax Works & Beauty

Given the long, troubled road I trudged down to come across my Adelaide waxer in the first place, the thought of finding a new one in Melbourne is about as appealing as eating a raw onion slathered in wasabi.

After many a wax jobs that have resulted in tears, profuse sweating and walking out with a half-waxed bikini line, unable to be coaxed back into the torture chamber, I mean waxing room, feet dug into the floor like a child refusing to go to school on the first day of term, I was recommended the lovely Ann.

Operating in a small salon out the back of Portabello in The Unley Metro shopping centre, Ann is a magical wax fairy (and a well-priced one at that). She’s so good at what she does it wouldn’t surprise me if there were magical fairy dust in her wax because the pain is such a pleasing shade of tolerable.

Plus, she’s so quick, you’re in and out before you can break a sweat, or contemplate grabbing your pants and making a run for it.

Ann Lipari Wax Works & Beauty
242B Magill Road, Beulah Park, South Australia
Phone: 0451 967 898 

Update October 2017: Ann has since moved to Beulah Park.

My hairdresser

It’s taken me 28 years to find a really good hairdresser, someone who knows how to tame my ridiculously unruly hair that I’ve been told is akin to Frozen’s Anna when she’s just woken up. The thought of starting that process again makes me want to do a Britney – shave my head and attack a car with an umbrella.

Adelaide hair and beauty suppliers, Frozen, Anna

And when you’ve had your hair turn a shade of blue (not intentionally) you can understand my apprehension! I’ve also had lopsided cuts, some horrendous fringe jobs and the time where my hair went Red Ape orange (although I tried to, unsuccessfully, pass that one off as Emma Stone red).

But all that hairdresser chair anxiety faded when I met the lovely Christine.

Not only is Christine a highly skilled hairdresser, she’s super friendly and works from her home salon, making it ridiculously cheap compared to the loans I’ve had to take out to fund my previous dye jobs.

Although given that my twice-monthly colour and cut is a three to four-hour process (no exaggeration), it’s been the hardest of all my beauty suppliers to fit into a fleeting weekend fly-in, fly-out. I’ve even tried to justify making special flights back to Adelaide just to get my hair done, trying to convince myself that if I flew Tiger I’d break even, compared to paying Melbourne prices.

Now that I’ve sung her praises, I’m not going to give you any contact details. Not because I don’t want to share my prized Haigh’s milk chocolate bunny but because Christine’s currently spending less time cutting hair, more time playing with building blocks, with her two young kids. She does exist, I promise… I might even share her one day.

My spray tanner: Sarah Morrison

Going through the dreaded sugar scrub after you inevitably end up a shade of Jersey Shore orange, no thanks. Enter Sarah Morrison, who I’ve had nothing but good experiences with. Arriving in Adelaide super pale and leaving looking like I’ve been to Tahiti instead.

She’s another one who weaves her magic from a home studio in Hawthorndene, making the cost of obtaining a healthy glow a very reasonable $20. Much cheaper than a flight to Tahiti.

Adelaide hair and beauty suppliers, Vineyards, The Elbow Room, McLaren Vale, South Australia

Sarah Morrison
Phone: 0449 250 915

Update October 2017: Sadly, Sarah is no longer making people fabulously tanned.

My accountant: Alastair Martin

Although he’s not of the eyebrow-shaping sort, I’m going to throw my accountant into this list as he’s just as talented, just at making over my finances rather than my face. He’s also another one I refuse to divorce.

Alastair Martin
23 Rundle Street, Kent Town, South Australia
Phone: (08) 8363 4422