Gloria Jeans ‘Cappuccino for a Cause’: drink coffee, support charity – what’s not to love about that!

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Every night I thank the tooth fairy that I get to work in a pretty cool Google-like workplace. It has a slippery dip, free food and two barista-spec coffee machines. So part of me feels guilty when four out of five days I walk the 500 metres to the closest coffee house to have my morning cappuccino hand poured for me. The truth is, I’m absolutely rubbish at making my own coffee – just very good at drinking it. So when I received an invite to head along to a coffee masterclass put on by Gloria Jeans last week at their new drive through store in Ravenhall – the first Gloria Jeans drive through store in Victoria – my bank account secretly rejoiced.

Given how much I love my coffee and proudly proclaim that I’m a coffee connoisseur to anyone who’ll listen it was embarrassing to realise how little I knew about the coffee making process.

I learnt that coffee beans can quickly go stale if exposed to air, that they will only grow in the strip of countries found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, which is known as the coffee belt. I also embarrassingly learnt – and I can’t believe I’m about to write this – that coffee beans are grown on a tree. F knows where I thought they came from. The ground? Hand delivered by my tooth fairy?

I also learnt how passionate the Gloria Jeans institution is about their coffee and the rigorous training that each barista goes through – the training that this budding barista desperately needs if my attempt at coffee art is anything to go by, with my tulip looking more like a donkey.

Support Variety – The Children’s Charity by sharing your best #cappyhour experience

For the sixth year in a row, Gloria Jeans has embarked on its biggest annual fundraising event to support Variety – The Children’s Charity.

This year, Gloria Jeans is calling on Australians to share their favourite #cappyhour experience – whether it’s your morning caffeine fix, Warhol-worthy coffee art or a take-away coffee on the run (artfully positioned in front of some nice green fernery, of course). Once 10,000 hashtags are generated using #cappyhour, Gloria Jeans will donate $10,000 to Variety.

And we know how much everyone loves sharing a good coffee gram, all of which garners a surprisingly overloaded amount of Instagram likes. So just by sharing this Instagram crack you can not only receive lots of little love hearts yourself but also send some little love hearts Variety’s way, in the form of cash support for their Future Kids, Freedom Kids and Caring for Kids programs.

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Did I mention the free coffee?

Plus, until 4 July 2016, you can take advantage of Gloria Jean’s take on happy hour. Visit participating stores between 2pm to 3pm, make a gold coin donation to Variety and you’ll receive a free cappuccino.

So, now that Gloria Jeans has taught me all of my barista skills it’s time to brave that coffee machine on level 3, or give up and just jump in my car, bound for Ravenhall.

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